Work of Georgia's First Photographer on View at Simon Janashia Museum

You can see the work of Georgia's first professional photographer Alexandre Roinishvili on display at the Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia.

The exhibition, called Caucasian Movable Museum, will be accompanied by the presentation of the book 'Alexandre Roinishvili and His Museum', which explores the development of Georgian culture.

On view are photographs Alexandre Roinishvili took of archaeological collections from the 7th till 14th century, including Georgian, Asian, Persian, Caucasian and European artifacts, such as: copper, silver, clay, and porcelain dishes.

The actual items can be seen at the National Museum of Georgia, Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia, and Ioseb Grishashvili Tbilisi History Museum.

Alexander Roinishvili was born in 1846 into a rural farming family Dusheti. He studied photography and painting with Theodor Chamov in Tbilisi in the 1860s and opened his own studio in 1875, becoming the first professional photographer in Georgia.

In 1916 Ermakov and Roinishvili’s extensive collections were acquired by the Historical and Ethnographic Society of Tbilisi.

The exhibition will last until January 30th.

Nina Ioseliani

14 December 2015 20:11