Georgian Government Delivers 10,000 Doses of Flu Vaccine to Abkhazia

Amiran Gamkrelidze, director of the Georgian Center for Disease Control and Public Health, has reported that, according to current data, the Georgian state has purchased 235,000 doses of seasonal flu vaccine, and 10,000 doses of them were delivered to occupied Abkhazia. 60-70 000 doses were also imported by the private sector in the country, according to Gamkrelidze.

"As of this morning, 160,000 doses have been spent, the 10,000 doses that were transferred to Abkhazia are included in this number. Our Georgian army and risk groups have also been vaccinated," Amiran Gamkrelidze said at a briefing after the Coordination Council meeting. This is the largest number of seasonal flu vaccine shots that the country has had so far Georgia has not had the amount of seasonal flu vaccine that it has this year, however, the population's demand is not very high, according to the NCDC director.

Gamkrelidze noted that the restrictions on seasonal vaccination have been lifted and now, not only those in risk groups but anyone can visit the polyclinics for vaccination.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

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02 December 2020 19:08