Gas Tariff for Commercial Sector Increases

The natural gas tariff for non-residential (commercial) customers is to increase, Tbilisi Energy reports. 

The natural gas tariff is expected to increase from January 3, 2021, by 24 tetri per cubic meter - from 0.86 GEL to 1.10 GEL.

This change does not apply to bread-producing enterprises. Nor does it apply to non-commercial customers. For them, the cost of 1 cubic meter of gas will be 46 tetri.

The company Tbilisi Energy has released a statement regarding the above, saying that the change in the exchange rate of the national currency against the US dollar in recent years has created serious problems for the uninterrupted supply of gas to the capital, as the company buys natural gas in US dollars and provides natural gas to customers at a fixed price in GEL.

"At present, Tbilisi Energy Ltd finds it difficult to accumulate enough financial resources to purchase the supplied natural gas, which obviously not only poses a real threat to the uninterrupted gas supply to consumers but also threatens the normal and safe operation of the company.
"To not hinder the process of purchasing natural gas and uninterrupted gas supply to the population of Tbilisi, it is necessary to adjust the price of natural gas for commercial customers.
"Based on the above, the price of natural gas to be supplied to the company's non-residential customers from January 3, 2021, per cubic meter is set at 1.10 (one GEL and 10 tetri) GEL, including value-added tax.
"Further, given the country's current situation, the tariff will not increase for bread-producing enterprises," stated Tbilisi Energy. 

By Ana Dumbadze 

02 December 2020 10:50