Gov't Discusses Enforcement of COVID Restrictions, Situation in Healthcare Sector

Enforcement of the COVID restrictions imposed on November 28 and the situation in the healthcare sector was discussed by the Inter-Agency Coordination Council at a meeting led by Giorgi Gakharia, Prime Minister of Georgia at the Government Administration today.

It was stressed at the meeting that tightened restrictions are aimed at slowing down the community transfer rate, and adherence to them acquires huge importance for the effectiveness of the adopted measures.

The significance of facemasks and social distancing was once again noted for the prevention of the viral spread, which will be inter alia controlled in a more rigid manner by the relevant institutions.

Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia and Head of Labor Inspection Department at the Ministry of Health of Georgia briefed the Prime Minister of Georgia in detail about the enforcement of the imposed restrictions.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has detected 1 244 cases of violations within the last 24 hours, while 67 individuals were found in breach of isolation or quarantine rules and 1 177 individuals – in breach of uniform wearing of face masks.

With joint efforts of the Labor Inspectorate under the Ministry of Health, Revenue Service under the Ministry of Finance, National Food Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture and Municipal Supervision Services, 10 374 facilities have been inspected since the enforcement of COVID restrictions. Out of them 6 177  were given verbal or written warnings; 3 facilities were penalized; operation of 4 194 ones were suspended; repeated violations of isolation and quarantine rules were identified in the case of 1 facility.

Availability of hospital beds was also discussed by the Inter-Agency Coordination Council along with steps taken in addition to mobilizing places in critical and intensive care units. Focus was made on the importance of uninterrupted supply of oxygen. The Ministries of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia is engaged in the facilitated boost of oxygen generation capacity for health and medical treatment purposes and stock creation together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia and Task Force operating at the Inter-Agency Coordination Council, as instructed by the Prime Minister of Georgia.

Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia shared information with the Council on no deficit to be expected as a government-supported program branded as Produce in Georgia has helped the private sector in the production of oxygen, capacity boost and installation of new production lines and equipment. High capacity oxygen generators were purchased in Turkey as well. Each of them produces 1 ton of oxygen a day. Two of them have already arrived and installed at Rukhi Healthcare Facility, thus solving a problem of oxygen supply there. Six more generators will be purchased in Turkey, out of which 3 will be installed at Batumi Republican Hospital and 3 – at Tbilisi Republican Hospital.

Preparation for the vaccination stage was also discussed at the Council Meeting today. Amiran Gamkrelidze, Head of the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) noted that active work is pursued with COVAX platform and Georgia has already paid its accession fee. At the same time, NCDC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and overseas diplomatic missions of Georgia are working directly with manufacturing pharmaceutical companies on the procurement of vaccines for the country.

Since the detection of the first case of COVID, 135 584 cases have been confirmed through lab tests in Georgia so far, out of which 113 986 individuals have already recovered and 1 267 died.

At present 2 104 individuals are in quarantine, 3 857 individuals – at COVID Hotels under medical supervision and 6 383 individuals – at hospitals.

The Inter-Agency Coordination Council led by the Prime Minister of Georgia actively engages the Parliament of Georgia, chaired by MP Archil Talakvadze and the Administration of the President of Georgia.

Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia has instructed state representatives in the regions to ensure strict control over the enforcement of restrictions introduced due to the epidemiological situation.

During the videoconference, the Head of Government that the recently adopted tougher restrictions seek to slow down the epidemic’s spread, and that enforcement is key to their effectiveness. The Prime Minister urged the state representative governors to assist relevant agencies in monitoring the enforcement of applicable restrictions, and to ensure strict monitoring over social distancing and facemask use in municipalities where restrictions do not apply to retail outlets.

The Prime Minister, during today’s conversation with the state representative governors, also discussed the epidemiological situation in the regions. The Head of Government was briefed on the engagement of additional clinics in the process of COVID management based on the increase of infection cases in each particular region, also on needs-based measures to mobilize COVID hotels in municipalities. The Head of Government urged the state representatives to be maximally supportive of the process of reducing hospital sector overload and to engage in measures seeking to prevent a possible shortage of in-patient hospital beds.

In order to remain updated on the epidemiological situation in the regions and to ensure rapid response to challenges in the process of COVID management, the Prime Minister of Georgia continues regular meetings with state representative governors.

30 November 2020 17:52