HOME MADE: Quality & Distinctive Design at the Most Competitive Price


HOMEMADE is a Georgian furniture brand offering quality, comfort and original design. In an interview with GEORGIA TODAY, the brand representative shares with us why the demand for the company’s production is ever-increasing.

Tell us about the establishment of HOME MADE.

The founder of the company often had to go to China to buy furniture for other businesses, so there was a thought that it would be more convenient to start outdoor furniture production, first for personal business and then for the market. For this purpose, we brought specialists from China and trained the local craftsmen for three months. Then, gradually, the demand grew and we added different directions, getting to the point where we are currently producing practically all ranges of furniture: outdoor, soft, solid wood and metal furniture, lighting and so on.

What is the basis of your furniture manufacturing technology? Do you use Georgian or imported resources?

Our main focus is on natural products and modern, simple design. We make products that do not require large technological capacities, because our furniture is not designed for mass production. From Georgian resources, we use everything that is produced in the country: metal, leather, clay. However, we also import timber, textiles and artificial rattan. Our designers make products according to order, based on our production capabilities.

How has the epipandemic and the economic crisis affected your business? If the working material is foreign, should we expect an increase in the price of products due to inflation?

Before COVID-19, almost 50% of sales were corporate purchases (cafes, hotels, restaurants, etc.), the share of which now has fallen to 20%. However, we have seen an increase in retail sales, which is mainly due to the increase in product diversity, also affected by inflation - the prices of foreign market competitors' furniture imported here have visibly increased. If the Lari does not get depreciated again, we do not plan to increase prices.

How does HOME MADE compete with its numerous foreign competitors?

Home Made has a unique niche, namely, that all large consumers can bring their own design and we will create special furniture for them, or change existing models, size, color, textiles and more. No foreign competitor has such a service. We are also responsible for the quality, and in case of any problem, we respond immediately. And because of local production and our own shop, we have the opportunity to work with low margins, which gives us a significant competitive advantage in our pricing policy.

Apart from in Tbilisi, where can we find a HOME MADE showroom? Do you export products?

At the moment, we are not actively thinking about increasing our sales channels, because the main task is to expand production in short-term plans, but next year we’re thinking of opening a store in Batumi. As for exports, we have fulfilled orders several times and taken them to neighboring countries, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Why should consumers choose HOME MADE?

Quality and distinctive design - at the most competitive price.

What news should customers expect from HOME MADE in the near future?

We are constantly changing production and adding new directions. We grow, we learn, and consequently the quantity and quality of production increases. Local production allows us to quickly bring innovations to the market and be flexible. Accordingly, we offer our customers a constantly updated collection.

You can visit HOMEMADE at Aghmashenebeli Kheivani, 205, where the showroom is every bit as outstanding as the brand’s furniture.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

26 November 2020 19:43