Cory Welt: Escalation of Azerbaijan-Armenia Conflict a Threat to Georgia

Cory Welt, Professor of International Affairs at George Washington University, says Georgia would face an immediate threat if a conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan would escalate in light of the Turkish-Russian hostility.

"I think the direct threat for Georgia is possible escalation of a conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, especially if the conflict indirectly reflects the Turkey-Russia conflict,” Welt was cited. 

According to Welt, diffusion of the heated environment is pressing. 

"Georgia’s airspace has already several times been violated, and I think it is the kind of pressure which needs a responsive reaction.” Welt said.

The expert underlined that - whether Georgia receives MAP or membership of NATO or not - it should actively continue to develop the NATO Training Center in Tbilisi. 

“The United States must keep close ties with Georgia in various fields. In the end, Georgia is not a direct victim in this new reality, however, the situation certainly contains some threats," Welt said.

14 December 2015 13:39