Microfinance Organization Attacker Arrested, Hostages Released

The young man that attacked a microfinance organization on Tsereteli Avenue in Tbilisi has been arrested and all the hostages have been released, Patrol Police Chief Vazha Siradze announced.

Today, the individual broke into the microfinance organization, took 9 people hostage and made three demands:

"All parliamentarians should gather and pass three laws. 1) Ban gambling throughout Georgia, 2) Give banks the right to issue loans with a 7% interest rate, 3) Allow pharmaceutical companies to receive only 10% profit," said the attacker.

No-one was injured during the incident. 

An investigation is in progress on the fact of illegal purchase, keeping and carrying of firearms and ammunition and on the fact of armed robbery, crimes envisaged under article 236 and 179 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

By Ana Dumbadze 

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20 November 2020 19:54