‘Gepherrini’: Where Style Meets Practicality

Georgian leather bag manufacturer ‘Gepherrini’ was initially established on August 7, 2014, to fill the gap in the local market, as one could scarcely find Georgian-produced accessories available at the time. While gradually expanding its global presence, Gepherrini has always kept one thing in mind: to make sustainable, fashion-forward pieces effortless and accessible.

Gepherrini has since become one of the fastest-growing leather accessories brands in Eastern Europe, with its bags, shoes, wallets, and adornments of various styles being presented in eleven countries, at 42 points of sale. ‘Gepherrini’ provides high quality customizable leather accessories at fair prices; each piece is handcrafted using original, nuanced materials resulting in a one-of-a-kind product that is as unique as its wearer.

When there are a million gorgeous handbags to choose from, why go with Gepherrini? The answer is simple: the brand appeals to the dynamic, busy, urban individual who values quality and self-expression.

We sat down with the brand’s leading designer Nuca Osiashvili to talk more about the underlying aesthetic that drives Gepherrini’s designs.

Where does your love for fashion come from?

From early childhood, I felt committed to expressing my personal experiences, values, and inspirations through the mediums of fashion and style. I found great solace in painting, and designing clothes for my dolls. Today, I try to incorporate each of these skills to produce quality work.

What are your sources of design inspiration?

My aim when designing is to convey strength and celebrate natural beauty. I put great emphasis on colors, as every color delivers a message and is connected with nature. The various vibrant colors in my designs are achieved using natural tanning techniques and with one thing in mind: to lift the customers’ state of mind.

Could you sum up Gepherrini’s aesthetic?

Gepherrini exists for the love of fashion. We believe in empowering individuality. The essence of the brand’s aesthetic is a complex combination of design elements, critical attention to craftsmanship, authenticity and ethical values; while also having a strong sense of identity and quality. Each handmade piece tells a unique story. With the desire to encourage the freedom of self-expression, we allow ourselves an open field for creativity from spaces far beyond the world of fashion.

What did you learn from working at Gepherrini?

The brand has inspired and informed me in many different ways. With Gepherrini, I am in constant search for novelty and authenticity as the cornerstone for creating a quality handbag. The brand has taught me how to strike a perfect balance between style, functionality, and elegance. Our signature is making each item one of a kind, and uniquely tailored to whomever chooses to wear it.

What would your advice be to aspiring designers?

If I had to give some advice, it would be to believe in your own dream. If you really believe and are consistent and humble, you’ll get there. Also it is never a good idea to compromise one’s individuality, to fall victim to the cultural stereotypes that always seek to normalize certain trends over others. The fashion industry is all about the individual voice; it is all about the unrestrained fantasy.


19 November 2020 17:16