GYLA: Voting Procedures Underway with Significant Violations in Some Precincts

The Georgian Young Lawyers' Association atated that in the period from 10:00 to 14:00, voting procedures were being carried out in some precincts with significant violations.

The violations are mainly related to the secrecy of the voting procedures, the alleged control of the will of the voters, and the obstruction of the exercise of powers by the observers. 

In particular, as reported by the GYLA, the violations are as follows: 

At Telavi #5 precinct, a GYLA observer was recording the violation over the phone, when the commission members confiscated the observer's mobile phone, deleted the photo and expelled him from the precinct;

At #42 precinct in Sagarejo, a GYLA observer photographed a case of violation of the secrecy of voting, when a young man, along with elderly voters, entered the booth while voting. They explain this by the fact that these people do not know the Georgian language. By law, voters can help each other, however, in this case, this is a systemic problem, the organization explains;

At Marneuli #5 precinct, a GYLA observer was physically assaulted by another observer; GYLA has drawn a complaint against this fact;

As in previous years, the tendency to control the will of the electorate continues. Mobilization of various persons is observed on the perimeter of the polling stations, which leaves a feeling of tracking and creates a danger of changing voter behavior. This is not a violation, but it is a negative trend.

Violations detected in polling stations abroad:

One complaint has been written to the CEC about violations at a polling station in Rome. Voters were not checked for marking procedure, however, a GYLA observer was not allowed to register a complaint;

The polling station in Barcelona opened at 08:05. As GYLA Observers were told the commission members were at the polling station, though it was locked. Consequently, the observer failed to exercise his authority;

A polling station in Paris opened late (at 08:09).

Violations of the Covid-19 Pandemic Measures:

The registrars at Zestaponi #14 polling station did not ask voters to remove face masks and did not check their photos on the list. Additionally, the registrars did not wear appropriate gloves. The violation was corrected after the GYLA observer remarked on it.

By Ana Dumbadze 

31 October 2020 16:30