Parliamentary Elections Ongoing across Georgia with New System

The parliamentary elections are ongoing across Georgia. The voters are being given the possibility to elect 150 members of parliament.

The voter makes a choice between 50 electoral subjects – 48 political parties and 2 election blocs. Additionally, the voter makes a choice among majoritarian candidates nominated by these electoral subjects.

As reported by the Central Election Commission (CEC), 3,526.023 voters are registered for the elections, of them 3,511.853 in Georgia, and 14,170 abroad.

A total of 3,657 polling stations are open across Georgia and 52 polling stations abroad. 

Ballot papers, documents and all inventory necessary for the protection of sanitary hygiene norms have been distributed to the electoral districts. 

The 2020 parliamentary elections are being held with the new election system. The voters elect members of parliament with a 4-year term with a mixed model: 120 MPs will be elected through the proportional election system, and 30 through the majoritarian system.

A party or electoral bloc that receives more than 40% of votes through the proportional system will be able to staff the parliamentary majority and form the government.

The vote-counting procedure will be launched at 20:00 following the completion of the polling process. 

By Ana Dumbadze 

31 October 2020 10:48