US Amb: Success of Elections up to Georgian Gov't and People

“Ultimately, the success of these elections is up to the Georgian government and the Georgian people. And we hope that Georgians will go out there and vote, and make sure that their voices are heard at the ballot box," US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan stated in the interview with acting Public Affairs Officer Christopher Anderson.

“I would just encourage people to wear a mask, social distance, but please – get out there, and cast your votes!  There has been a lot of work put into making it possible for people to vote safely despite the COVID-19 pandemic. But ultimately, the success of these elections is up to the Georgian Government and the Georgian people,” stated Degnan.

She noted that the United States really wants these elections to go smoothly.

“The US has been supporting elections in Georgia for over 20 years, partnering with the Central Election Commission (CEC), to build its systems and procedures. Working with the legislature to develop election legislation that meets international standards. Helping political parties to focus their platforms and programs on voter priorities instead of this very divisive personality politics.

“This year the US done some extra work with the CEC to try and ensure that voters can vote safely, despite the covid pandemic, to try to protect voter information, private information from potential cyber-attacks and also trying to help them to strengthen their systems against foreign interference in the form of the disinformation campaigns,” noted Degnan.

She said the US is working very closely monitoring organizations, whether they be local or international.

“They play such an important role. We also work closely with Georgian civil society organizations like GYLA, ISFED, TI, PMMG, and international organizations like NDI, IRI, IFES. These are highly respected professional organizations that perform a very important role in any election,” she said.

Kelly Degnan wishes to see “a calm, peaceful atmosphere on election day and the day after so that people can safely cast their votes and also a really high turnout this Saturday.”

“I would love to see candidates that focus on explaining how they are going to meet voters' priorities: like creating jobs and stimulating growth. I’d love to see an end to the policy of individuals that has been so polarizing Georgian society and that just opens the way for Russia and other malign actors to create divisions, and to sow confusion in the country,” stated the US Ambassador.

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28 October 2020 17:10