Ruling Party Warns about Fake News Flood Prior to Elections

On the last Monday before Election Day, the Executive Secretary of the Georgian Dream political party, Irakli Kobakhidze, announced that the risk of provocations is increasing as the election date approaches, and the intensification of the spread of fake news is also expected in the coming days.

“We have obtained certain information that radical opposition representatives are preparing materials through programs such as Deepfake. This is the type of program through which even video visuals can be fabricated,” stated Kobakhidze, adding that these types of materials might be uploaded on social media a day prior to or even on the actual Election Day.

He called on all political parties to refrain from actions that would have a negative effect on the election environment and once again urged Georgian Dream supporters to exercise maximum patience and restraint in order to avoid casting a shadow over the peaceful election environment.

He also called on citizens to examine information disseminated on television and on social media carefully in order to avoid being influenced by disinformation, the circulation of which has been intensifying day by day over the last few weeks.



28 October 2020 11:04