Poland Abortion Ruling: Protestors Block the Streets

Day five of massive protests in Poland. Thousands are protesting the country’s court’s ruling to make almost all abortions illegal.

Female rights advocators have already covered 150 cities. On Tuesday, protestors blocked traffic in the capital of Warsaw for approximately an hour. Some of them carried signs that read “I wish I could abort my government,” according to the BBC.

The protests, normally considered unusual in a country of great Roman Catholic Church influence, came after the ruling of Poland’s Constitutional Court that made abortions, even in cases of fetal defects, illegal. The anti-abortion change was also supported by the conservative “Law and Justice” party.

This ban only left cases of rape, incest, or protecting the mother’s life valid as legal reasons for abortion. 

By Nini Dakhundaridze

Source: BBC

Image source: EPA

28 October 2020 00:54