How Digital Transformation is Improving Education in Georgia

October 17 marks World Poverty Day. The World Bank Georgia Office has devoted a special video clip to this occasion, which was released today on the World Bank social media and official online pages.

The video clip describes how the World Bank is helping Georgia's poverty alleviation with various ongoing projects, including the Log-in Georgia and Innovation, Inclusion and Quality (I2Q) Project.

The main character of the video is Inga Khvedelidze, an elementary school teacher from the mountainous village of Argokhi, who shares her experience on the importance of the internet and access to digital technologies to improve the quality of education, especially during the pandemic.

1000 villages will be connected to high-quality internet within the framework of the World Bank support for the digital transformation of Georgia (Log-in Georgia).

The World Bank is also supporting the development of human capital in Georgia through an education quality improvement project (Innovation, Inclusion and Quality (I2Q).

By Ana Dumbadze 

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16 October 2020 14:39