FM: Sec General Gives Highest Assessment to Reforms Implemented by Georgian Gov't

"The Secretary General gave the highest assessment to the reforms carried out by the Georgian authorities, noting that Georgia is one of the leaders in the region in terms of democratic reforms, as well as reforms implemented in the field of defense and security. He called on us to continue and further deepen the consolidation of our democratic processes in the future," Georgian Foreign Affairs Minister Davit Zalkaliani stated while assessing the Prime Minister's official visit to Brussels.

According to him, the Prime Minister is holding meetings with all highest-ranking officials who are physically present in Brussels today.

"This is an extremely important visit given the fact that it is taking place today at the highest level in the European Union as well as NATO, under the conditions of COVID-19. In fact, the Prime Minister is holding meetings with all highest-ranking officials who are physically present in Brussels today and very important conversations will be held, given the time and considering their content. Several such meetings have already taken place. At the moment, I would like to make a special mention of the meeting with the NATO Secretary General, where there was an extremely meaningful discussion of the main processes of Georgia's NATO integration, as well as the situation in the region," Davit Zalkaliani stated.

He spoke in detail about the issues that were emphasized during the meeting between Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

"It was noted that Georgia is a highly valued partner for NATO. Our contribution to the ongoing operation in Afghanistan is highly valued by NATO. The Prime Minister particularly stressed Black Sea security and its context. This is a new dimension for NATO and Georgia's role in this regard is extremely important and clear-cut: Georgia as a link, and Georgia as a country that must ensure the interests of our European and NATO partners in the region. It was noted that Georgia possesses all practical instruments in terms of NATO integration, that membership is our main priority, and that it is precisely these practical instruments, such as the joint package, the annual program, and the NATO-Georgia Commission (which works in a highly effective manner, as it was stressed during the meeting) that provide an important guarantee that Georgia will definitely achieve its ultimate goal of membership," the minister of foreign affairs stated.

29 September 2020 18:56