COVID Tests that Show Results in Minutes Soon to be Available

The coronavirus tests that show results on-the-spot will soon be available around the globe. The tests, that look like a pregnancy test and are read by a health worker, will show whether the patient is COVID positive or negative in 15 to 30 minutes.

The initiative was launched back in March by the WHO, the European Commission, the Gates Foundation, and the French government in order to slow the spread of the pandemic, save more lives and lend a special helping hand to low and middle-income countries. The rapid antigen tests will be supplied by two companies to these countries for $5 each or less.

One of the tests, from the South Korean company SD BioSensor, has recently been approved by the WHO. Another manufacturer the US company Abbott is expected to get it shortly.

“The quick and easy but high-quality tests will allow mass screening of health workers, who are dying in disproportionate numbers in low-income countries,” writes the Guardian.

Bulk orders for the tests have been put to favor low and middle-income countries, according to Catharina Boehme, CEO of the non-profit Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (Find), one of the main initiators. 

“We needed to secure volumes for low- and middle-income countries before all the other countries place their orders and the poor populations again lose out.

For us, the message is about unprecedented collaboration. We are really able to show what can be achieved when the world and leading global health partners come together with a shared priority,” said Boehme.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

Source: The Guardian

Image source: Getty Images 

28 September 2020 21:30