EU Amb: We're Working with Georgian Partners to Strengthen Country's Cybersecurity

“We are working with Georgian partners to strengthen cybersecurity in the country. Georgia has come a long way in achieving credibility in this area,” EU Ambassador to Georgia Carl Hartzell said at Georgia’s first Cyber Security Forum.

Hartzell noted that “Georgia stands at a good position in the international rankings and this effort should be continued.”

“This is a very timely event, as it is being held after the cyber-attacks on Georgia and before the elections, which is always a fragile and vulnerable period.

"We have the diplomatic tools we use to respond to individual attacks. Two months ago, for the first time in history, the European Union imposed sanctions on cyber-attacks. By doing so, we are showing that the European Union is taking this seriously,” stated EU Ambassador.

Georgia’s first Cyber Security Forum is being held in Tbilisi today. The forum is organized by the National Security Council and supported by the Government of Georgia.

By Ana Dumbadze

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25 September 2020 13:17