US Amb: Ahead of Elections in Georgia, Cybersecurity Quite Important

US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan says cybersecurity is very important ahead of the elections. As she told reporters during the Cyber Security Forum, the problems that exist today in this regard must be eliminated.

“The US calls on Georgia to immediately adopt a comprehensive national cybersecurity strategy and action plan,” she stated, going on to confirm her belief that there will be cyber attacks against Georgia.

"I'm pleased to take part in the Cyber Security Forum organized by the National Security Council today, which is attended by the Prime Minister and representatives of the diplomatic corps. Their presence here once again indicates how important each of them considers cybersecurity and the development of the country's capabilities in this regard, and to work in the direction of cyber-networks and protection of information. This is especially important ahead of the elections so that every voter can be sure that when he or she goes to the polls and casts a vote, the information will be protected. Accordingly, we call on the Government of Georgia to ratify the National Cyber Security Strategy and Action Plan without delay. It is also very important to define the roles and responsibilities in cyberspace, as the above is very important to eliminate problems and strengthen cybersecurity. We know there will be such threats," she said.

Georgia’s first Cyber Security Forum is being held in Tbilisi today. The forum is organized by the National Security Council and supported by the Government of Georgia.

The Cyber Security Forum aims to identify the challenges that exist in the national cybersecurity environment and develop an appropriate plan to address problematic issues.

The forum will be given an annual character and it should serve as a platform for sharing ideas on the challenges and opportunities facing Georgia and the Black Sea region in cyberspace.

By Ana Dumbadze 

25 September 2020 12:54