New Project of Entrepreneur Magazine: An Online Store in English

A new project of Entrepreneur Magazine: an online store in English!

So foreigners can buy Georgian products too!

The products of partner brands of the Entrepreneur online shop are already easily available to foreigners living in Georgia. And to make online shopping an even more comfortable process, another new platform has been launched: the English-language Entrepreneur Store.

George Sharashidze, Entrepreneur, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief: “The Entrepreneur Store, like its Georgian counterpart, will only sell products produced in Georgia by Georgian entrepreneurs. The platform will be especially interesting for those brands whose target segment is a non-Georgian speaking audience. This applies to foreigners living in Georgia, as well as anyone anywhere in the world, allowing them to discover products produced by Georgian entrepreneurs in English and, if they like, to get shopping! This is a small but effective step for Georgian brands to enter the world market and to advertise internationally. I’m glad that the English-language online store, Entrepreneur Store, shares the strategic mission of the edition and continues to support the activities of Georgian entrepreneurs through yet another channel.”

The Entrepreneur Store will combine in one space goods and services of different categories, and special offers from Georgian brands: everything that is Georgian, everything that is the best, and everything that is created in the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur Shop was established in December 2019 and already combines more than 1600 products of 100 Georgian brands, a number which is increasing by the day!

24 September 2020 13:26