Sanan Sanani: What Would You Do if You Had $10,000?

Imagine you have $10,000 to invest. How would you use it? Would you put it in the bank? If you somehow earned 5% interest, your investment would be worth $12,762.82 after five years. Not so bad! Except for the fact that 1825 days have passed and you still can't do much (if anything) with it.

How about the stock market? A good mutual fund can earn 10 to 15% a year. You might say it's still a good deal, but is it guaranteed? Some go up and down just like stocks do. Even stock analysts can't agree on which stock will increase in value, and guessing proves nearly as accurate as relying on the advice of so-called stock experts. Stock values can go up tremendously, but many more go down or increase slowly. Although you can make money in the stock market, even the best knowledge can’t guarantee a profit.

Do you want to hedge your future on something as unpredictable as the stock market?

How about a traditional business? A shop or a restaurant? That might work. Your chances?

Studies indicate that chances for a restaurant to be a long-term business are only 10%, anywhere in the world. 90% close down in the first five years.

If you invest $10,000 in the stock market, a bank account, or a business, what do you have? You have a $10,000 investment. But look at what happens if you invest $10,000 in real estate using a principle known as "cash on cash returns". Even with a traditional loan and a down payment of $10,000, you can purchase a $100,000 property. So your $10,000 investment is actually worth $100,000. Where else can you buy a $100,000 investment for a fraction of its actual value? And unlike any other investment, you can buy all types of real estate without using any of your own money.

Imagine what it would be like to have monthly PROFIT coming into your bank account, knowing your tenants are paying off your mortgage and leaving you with extra cash flow.

Have you been interested in investing in Real Estate lately?

Most of the Real Estate brokerages in Tbilisi were created by agents who had left their previous company and formed their own. Sterling Property Advisors was founded by real estate investors for real estate investors, and we specialize in helping foreign investors invest safely and profitably in Tbilisi. We help investors find, fund, and build passive income portfolios.

Why is Real Estate Different?

Suppose your real estate property increases in value from $100,000 to $110,000. You’ve just earned back your $10,000 investment for a 100% return. How many other types of investments can give you a potential 100% return in such a short time? It’s as simple as this: if you got 5% interest on your $10,000 in the bank, you would make $500 in one year. If you used that same $10,000 for a downpayment on a $100,000 home and it went up in value by the same 5%, you would earn $5,000 on your money because you are making a profit on the entire worth of the property, not just your investment.

Real estate is the only type of investment that allows you to invest with little or  no money down but still gain 100% of the appreciation from the entire value of the property. You get 100% ownership, 100% of any rental income the property generates, 100% of all appreciation, and best of all, 100% of the tax advantages. And you’re not using all your money to buy the property, which essentially lets you get rich on somebody else’s (the bank’s) money.

Now let me improve the return on your investment even further. Let’s assume for a moment that after collecting the rent and paying taxes, insurance, and mortgage, you net an additional $100 per month, or $1200 per year. If you divide the $1200 net positive cash flow per year by your $10,000 initial investment in this property, your cash on cash return on investment is an additional 12% per year, And I haven't even touched on the increase in your return as a result of the income tax benefits.

Over the years, Sanan has created custom game plans for the old and young, rich and poor, local and foreigners so no matter your situation in life, he can help you get started. To schedule a strategy session register here


A Tiny Little Secret

Real estate isn't just an investment; it is a  strategy towards financial independence that lets you leverage your money -- or lack of money -- to gain the advantage of a higher-priced investment at a fraction of its actual cost.

Well, if this doesn't appeal to you, then I dare you to go and write down your own plan and do it alone. Find your own way to invest, draw the plan and take action.

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Bottom Line

"I strongly believe that the best form of investment is unquestionably real estate," Sanan says. "This is the bottom line: I started like that and now I live a life I have always wanted. I’ve seen it work for those who have followed my step by step real estate investing plans.

My plan will work because it has been tried out by many both before and after me. These strategies didn’t occur to me in a eureka moment. They are the results of years of research and practice by real estate moguls. These are the techniques I am going to share with you. What you’re getting is the best advice I know, but it's up to you to use my plan and take action to turn your life around. I will show you the way, you will decide whether to take it or not.

If you are serious about getting started, don’t sit this one out!

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21 September 2020 13:35