World Cleanup Day 2020: Georgia Joins Global Campaign

This year, the world is celebrating World Cleanup Day on September 19, an annual global social action program aimed at combating the global solid waste problem, including the problem of marine debris.

World Cleanup Day is an international movement uniting 180 countries and millions of people around the world to clean up the planet. Individuals, governments, corporations and organizations are all encouraged to take part in cleanups and to find solutions to tackle mismanaged waste.

Georgia, traditionally, also joins this global action. Various cleanup activities are planned within the framework of this environmental initiative throughout the country, in each region; however, this year they won’t be as large-scale as before due to the global pandemic and current regulations on social gatherings.

In compliance with the safety rules, only groups of 5-10 people can gather at one particular location.

Regarding ordinary citizens’ involvement in the event, Nino Chkhobadze, the Leader of the ‘Greens Movement of Georgia,’ noted that it is not mandatory to gather in groups at any particular location: people can participate in this initiative simply by cleaning their own yards, entrances, streets and the territories surrounding their residential area, which will also serve as a kind of preventive measure against the spread of COVID-19.

“The Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of The Earth – Georgia” joins the world campaign with partner organizations in the framework of the project “Keep Georgia Tidy”! This year, considering the current epidemiological situation, clean up actions will be held in small groups, in different places.

“We address all for whom the environment is important, to show high responsibility and in case of self-organization of clean up actions, celebrate the world campaign in small groups (3-5 people), following safety rules!” the Greens Movement of Georgia announced.

“Clean the area around your house, yard, street, and contribute to the celebration of the world campaign!

“Keep Distance, Clean up the world, Keep Georgia Tidy! The message of the 2020 World Clean-up campaign is: 'Every small action makes a world of difference!'"

Implementation of the initiative started today and will last until September 20. Cleanup activities have already been carried out at up to 500 different locations, in almost all municipalities of the country.

At the same time, a group of volunteers and environment activists cleaned the territory of Tbilisi Sea, which was severely polluted due to large-scale gatherings on the spot.

Along with the Greens Movement, Various organizations in Georgia are joining forces to contribute to the implementation of this important idea.

On September 19, CENN is going to celebrate World Cleanup Day 2020 in Krtsanisi Park, Tbilisi.

Every year, CENN, with its nationwide campaign Keep Georgia Beautiful, and young eco-activists, joins this global initiative. Within this campaign, various organizations, companies and schools have "adopted" littered territories and kept the clean.

This year, due to the epidemic situation, no large-scale cleanup campaigns will be held; however, at the local level, following all regulations and rules, CENN and its team will clean up the adopted area and call on the public not to pollute the environment and to take care of it.

“Do you want to join this global initiative? Find a polluted area around you, clean it up, take photos and share it on social media with the headline #KeepGeorgiaBeautiful

“Join us to #KeepGeorgiaBeautiful,” say the representatives of CENN.

In 2018, CENN, with financial support from USAID, started to implement a nationwide campaign Keep Georgia Beautiful. The campaign aims to stop littering and keep territories clean, with close cooperation between the government, the business sector, and the public. The campaign already has about 30 members, among which are financial institutions, international organizations, government agencies, and schools, who have adopted various littered territories across Georgia and keep them clean. The number of members is continuously increasing.

The company Georgian Manganese has also joined the initiative. It will be organizing cleanup activities in the Chiatura and Zestafoni municipalities of Georgia’s Imereti region. Employees and management of the company will participate in the campaign, encouraging the local population to join them, but in compliance with safety regulations. Considering the epidemiological situation, the activities will be held in small groups, in different locations throughout the region.

The initiative was also actively supported by the Ozurgeti Municipality City Hall, which is organizing cleanup activities in the villages of Georgia's Guria region. Roads, squares, public schoolyards and village centers were cleaned of solid waste. Locals were also involved in the works together with the heads of the village administration.

By Ana Dumbadze 

18 September 2020 16:18