Germany to Send 37 Int'l Observers for Parliamentary Elections in Georgia

The German Ambassador to Georgia, Hubert Knirsch, has confirmed that Germany will organize and deploy 37 observers for the October parliamentary elections in Georgia.

The Ambassador specified in an interview with Radio Liberty, that some of the observers will arrive in Georgia in a few days, while others will be deployed in late October.

"I hope we will have a full ODIHR observation mission, with more than 300 observers, to monitor this election properly. This election is obviously very important, as it follows constitutional changes that have changed the electoral system. Thus, relatively small parties have a better chance of being represented in parliament. All embassies are closely monitoring the election campaign and party activities", Knirsch said.

Elections are scheduled to be held in Georgia on 31 October 2020 to elect the 150 members of Parliament.

18 September 2020 16:13