Georgia Hosts 112th Session of Executive Council of UNWTO

Georgia is to host the 112th session of the executive council of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) on September 15-17 in Tbilisi, the Head of the National Tourism Administration, Mariam Kvrivishvili announced. 

The official opening ceremony will take place on September 16, which will be followed by the executive council sessions.

On September 17, a discussion of the investment climate will be held, after which the delegation will visit Tsinandali, Georgia's Kakheti region. 

The delegation will leave Georgia on September 18.

GNTA Head noted that the event will be attended by representatives of Romania, Spain, Greece, and other countries, while safety measures will be strictly observed. All attending delegates will undergo PSR testing. In addition, the event will be held with the full involvement of Georgian epidemiologists and under strict supervision.

Kvrivishvili emphasized that the fact that UNWTO selected Georgia as the host country once again confirms that it still remains a 'green zone' amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

"Due to the importance of the event, representatives of such influential media outlets as the New York Times, BBC Travel, Euronews, Spanish Forbes, EFE News, Diplomat, and others will arrive in Georgia. Consequently, Georgia will once again be in the focus of the world press as a country safe from a pandemic, where the UNWTO is holding its first post-pandemic high-level meeting," she stressed. 

By Ana Dumbadze 

15 September 2020 10:10