Corona Updates: The Highest Number of Daily Cases Since April

Thirty-eight new cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Georgia on Wednesday, and 20 more on Thursday, bringing the total number to 1568.

The Wednesday 38 was a record high in Georgia since April 16, when 42 cases of coronavirus were detected.

Marina Ezugbaia, the Medical Director of the Tbilisi Infectious Diseases Hospital, explained the sources of the new cases, saying 22 of the Wednesday 38 were from the cluster of Batumi confectionery 'Dona,' 7 cases are contacts of infected patients, and 4 are imported cases, of which 2 patients are truck drivers. Of the Thursday cases, one was a medical practitioner, and 7 are imported cases, of which 4 are truck drivers. The sources of 9 cases are yet to be established.

She added that 262 active patients infected with coronavirus are being treated in 'COVID Centers' throughout Georgia.

"The number of recoveries increased by 9. The recovery rate, based on today’s data, is 81.6%. 262 active patients are being treated in COVID Centers. Of these, 3 critically ill patients and 15 patients in severe condition are being treated in intensive care units, while the condition of the remainder is moderate and mild," Ezugbaia explained.

Despite a small coronavirus outbreak in Batumi, the city will not be closed, the Head of the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC) Amiran Gamkrelidze announced Wednesday. Instead, extended testing for coronavirus has begun on the spot.

“There are three laboratories in Batumi and 1600-1800 tests can be taken daily. There is no alternative to extended testing,” he noted.


As of Wednesday, the number of recoveries had increased by 17, to reach 1270; people were in 14-day mandatory quarantine and 239 under medical observation; 19 people had died of the virus in the country.


Quarantine restrictions were lifted in Mestia Municipality, Georgia's Svaneti region, on September 2.

It was closed on August 10 due to an increase in coronavirus cases and a difficult epidemiological situation. The decision was made after 17 cases of the virus were detected simultaneously on the spot.

Thermal screening and population testing was carried out in the municipality during the period.


The so-called operative headquarters of occupied Abkhazia reported that the region registered 29 new COVID cases on Tuesday of 194 coronavirus tests carried out.

To date, 359 COVID cases have been confirmed in Abkhazia. 125 of the coronavirus patients have already recovered, and four cases have been fatal.


Despite the 38 new coronavirus cases detected Tuesday-Wednesday, the postponement of the school process in Georgia is not being considered, Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia announced at Wednesday’s meeting of the Interagency Coordination Council.

"The education process in schools should start on September 15. The Ministries of Education and Health should be fully mobilized for this. Our responsibility here is high to ensure that there is no risk to the learning process. This requires strict adherence to appropriate measures in educational institutions," said Gakharia.

The head of the government then called on the relevant services to tighten security measures throughout the country.

03 September 2020 17:05