Clinical Trials of COVID Drugs Postponed

More cases of coronavirus are coming in, almost everywhere in the world, yet the cure is still unknown. In the United States of America, a country seriously hurt by COVID, clinical trials for a set of promising experimental drugs were expected no later than late August. Now the hopeful trials have been postponed.

“Staffing shortages, space constraints, reluctant patients,” according to a New York Times article, are responsible for complicating the process of trying out monoclonal antibodies – the “man-made soldiers of the human immune system.

The above-mentioned trio has set the deadlines back. One of the drug-makers, Regeneron, told The New York Times that they are hoping to have emergency doses ready for October.  Another scientific group, from Eli Lilly’s, is hoping to have “something before the end of the year.”

To date, 21,234,784 COVID cases have been registered in the world. 760,281 of these patients have died.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

Story & Image Source: The NY Times

14 August 2020 23:31