Birdwatching to be Held at Chorokhi Delta on August 24

On August 24, a tour will be given on the Chorokhi Delta by a qualified bird guide from Adjara starting at 8am.

The Chorokhi Delta south of Batumi has long been an excellent spot for birdwatching due to its high variety in biotopes: bushes, dry & wet grassy plains, marshes, a boulder plain, the seashore. 

In combination with its strategic location, the delta is a spectacular, ever-changing bird paradise, where virtually any species migrating through this part of the world can be expected. The area is most noteworthy for its diversity of waders, herons, crakes and terns, and for its wealth of passerines hiding in its bushes and reedbeds.

Cost: 10 GEL per person

14 August 2020 14:47