Thai Box: The Hottest Thai Restaurant in Georgia

Thai cuisine is filled with delicacies that tantalize the taste buds. The allure of this culinary experience lies in the central focus on creating harmony in every bite. It’s therefore unsurprising that Thai cuisine has worked its way into the hearts (and mouths) of many around the world.

You may be one of many concerned about the negative elements of Asian cuisine: you’ve probably never experienced food from a Thai restaurant that doesn’t lace its food with MSG. But we’re happy to be able to say the Georgia has it cracked: Thai Box is the hottest Thai restaurant on the Georgian scene, and it takes great pride in satisfying appetites with healthy Thai dishes.

Carry on reading to find out from Thai Box officials themselves a bit about the restaurant, as they convince us that they are truly the restaurant of choice for Thai food in Georgia.

“Thai food originated in Thailand, a country in Southeast Asia that rests on the borders of Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. Geographically, Thailand is known for its abundance of raw ingredients and spices that are otherwise hard to find, exclusively grown in Thailand. Therefore, the complexity and depth of our food shows how we value and respect our ingredients and optimize it in numerous ways and with many methods, to create dishes like Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong (Shrimp) and Green Curry,” says one representative of the company. “Traditionally known for its exotic flavors of spices, Thai cuisine offers the perfect combination of the five basic flavor profiles: sour, sweet, bitter, salty and spicy. Kaffir lime is one of the spices that gives Thai cuisine its unique flavor.”

Thai Box creators also reveal the reason for opening the restaurant, and it’s not just because the demand for Thai dishes in Georgia was on the rise.

“We didn’t create Thai Box to follow a trend. Instead, we saw a gap in Georgia’s restaurant market: the lack of healthy, high-quality and, most importantly, authentic Thai food was alarming. We wanted to create a brand that could fill that gap. We believe that in order to create a strong restaurant brand, we must truly understand our customers, and be capable of adapting geographically to cater to everyone, regardless of background,” states Thai Box.

Taking a look at the tempo of food-making at Thai Box, you can tell that they have adapted well to the Georgian location: they prepare the dishes fast and well to please Tbilisians on the go. It works if you’re on a healthy diet, too.

“Our goal is to provide each customer with an exceptional Thai cuisine experience. Our dishes are created quickly, without compromising quality, and are inspired by the busy lifestyle of Tbilisi residents. Each dish is affordably priced so that Tbilisi’s residents can experience healthy Thai food regularly rather than as an occasional treat!”

It’s an authentic Thai experience, as authentic as you can get outside of Thailand: the Thai Box Chef is Thai, and the products the restaurant uses come from Thailand.

“In order to achieve true authenticity, our company has created a strong sourcing and export system for our ingredients, which come straight from Thailand. Our Head Chef was hired directly from Thailand, meaning customers will therefore be tasting authentic Thai cuisine without unhealthy additives such as MSG. Communication within the company is also vital to us, as we understand a good system and management to make sure no issues arise that might affect the food we produce.”

Thai Box creators are challengers: they make three words, that are hard to imagine together, fit in the same sentence: healthy, authentic, affordable.

In next week’s issue, you’ll read more about the making of Thai Box and the restaurant’s future plans, giving you even more reason to give Thai Box a try: one of them being that they adhere to a zero-waste practice.

13 August 2020 14:21