Tbilisi Hills Commercial Director on Bringing a New Lifestyle to Georgia


For me, being a part of Tbilisi Hills means being strong and unafraid of challenges. It also means being open to introduce innovations and novelties, - says Maya Shanshiashvili, the Commercial Director of Tbilisi Hills, speaking to GEORGIA TODAY about the new tendencies and lifestyle Tbilisi Hills has introduced in the country.

“We not only sell real estate, we sell a lifestyle,” she explains.

Tell us about your activities at Tbilisi Hills. What does it mean to be a part of this team?

I’ve been a member of this international team, or rather of this family, for three years now. My career at Tbilisi Hills has developed in a very exciting way. I started my career here as a Senior Sales Manager, and currently I serve as the Commercial Director of the company. The company gives its employees an opportunity to develop, to grow professionally, to set new goals and reach new heights. For me, being a part of Tbilisi Hills means being strong and unafraid of challenges. It also means being open to introducing innovations and novelties.

Could you share your view on current real estate market tendencies? What is needed to develop a successful marketing strategy?

I would like to point out the tendency that appeared following the COVID pandemic, i.e. the fact that the demand for land has increased significantly, which is confirmed by a number of studies and our daily experience. It seems like people now appreciate the superiority and value of investing in private houses even more, and the winners are real estate developers who have such an offer. People now feel a need to live in an ecologically clean environment, feel safer, breathe fresh air, enjoy panoramic views, be able see beautiful mountains at sunrise and watch how the city lights begin to twinkle at sunset. They can get all this with us, just 15 minutes from the city.

I’d also like to tell you about an interesting product - the Tbilisi Hills Apartments, created for those not yet ready to buy expensive villas or who simply prefer to live in a flat. These people are, however, well aware that it’s much better to live in a safe and ecologically clean environment, away from the city. The pandemic has been a kind of a ‘catalyzer’ in urbanization. These developments once again proved the importance and justification of investing in real estate.

Tell us about the company’s marketing strategy.

The uniqueness of the project, first of all, means that the company has a successful marketing strategy. The first steps: raising awareness in society, have already been taken. Now we’re at the stage of creating brand loyalty and community. Our marketing actively works both on the local and foreign market. On the foreign market, we’ve had great feedback and interest from Georgians living abroad who have already created their capital and now have an interest in living in their homeland at a much higher level, which is completely satisfied by our project. It meets all their requirements and high standards, and we are glad to contribute to their return to their homeland. Further, the majority of our residents and potential customers are mixed families: a Georgian husband and foreign wife, or are those who want to come and live in Georgia. The fact that Georgia is becoming an increasingly popular place to live, and a kind of hub, makes us very happy. I don't brag saying that we have the best real estate offer in Georgia, because we don't sell just walls with roofs. Of course, we use only high-quality materials and have foreign construction experts working here every day and it is not so common in Georgia. But this is just a form – our marketing is more focused on a “soul”, so that's why we are holding many events here at Tbilisi Hills. Our goal is to create a healthy community that really enjoys life on the top of Tbilisi.

What are your future plans related to Tbilisi Hills? How do you see the company’s future in Georgia?

Our future plans, just like our project, are large-scale and ambitious. We have the necessary base and ambition to say that we are building a city in the city and creating a new lifestyle. We not only sell real estate, but also a lifestyle, being unafraid of novelties and challenges. We were the first and actually the only one at this point to build a professional golf course in Georgia. I hope that others will also follow us and we will have competitors in this direction. We host Georgian golf players and our courses are included in the list of leading European golf courses. We believe that Tbilisi Hills will become one of the trademarks of Georgia.


13 August 2020 14:14