Political Union Lelo Continues to Grow

This week the oppositional political union ‘Lelo for Georgia’ has gained two prominent new members. Georgian Businessman Tamaz Gaiashvili, the founder of Airzena Airlines, and Former Majority MP Levan Koberidze both joined Lelo during a press conference organized by party leaders Mamuka Khazaradze and Badri Japaridze on August 12.

Khazaradze thanked Gaiashvili for his decision, calling it "very important," and noted that the businessman "had been through all the hardships that our country has faced over the years, yet employed thousands of people and created dozens of offices outside our country."

Of Levan Koberidze, he said he “will be one of the leaders” of the team.

“Together, we want this country to be fair and prosperous. We have a lot of work ahead and together with people like Levan and other members of the team, we will definitely achieve it," Kharadze stated.

MP Koberidze left the Georgian Dream ruling party after Parliament approved the bill on the selection and appointment of Supreme Court judges back in May 2019, claiming that the bill drafted by the ruling party MPs failed to ensure transparency in the selection and appointment procedures of judges. Since then, he has been an independent MP.

"I’m glad to join the 'Lelo' team: the name Lelo is based on the principle of team play and aims to make the opportunities existing in the country available for each of us,” Koberidze said. “This country needs a new, alternative political hub. This alternative center should be in 'Lelo,' and together with 'Lelo.' We carry the value of unity, which must be used for a better life for each of our citizens," Koberidze said.

The 'Lelo for Georgia' political party was created at the end of 2019 by businessmen Mamuka Khazaradze and Badri Japaridze. The party has attracted a number of prominent political figures.

The party aims to “transcend the dichotomy between the Georgian Dream and the United National Movement, thus putting to an end the bipolar system running in Georgia since 2012.”

By Ana Dumbadze

13 August 2020 14:07