US House Committee on Foreign Affairs: Russia's Policy Remains Unacceptable

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives has issued a statement on the 12th anniversary of the Russo-Georgian war.

"Twelve years after Russia’s reckless invasion, its occupation of South Ossetia and Abkhazia and persistent interference in Georgian domestic politics continue. These actions were unacceptable in 2008 and they are unacceptable now.

"The Georgian people have striven and sacrificed to build a more democratic nation and Georgia has proven to be a critical partner to the United States and NATO, especially in Afghanistan. We must continue to wholeheartedly support the sovereignty of Georgia, Ukraine, and all our partners that suffer the brunt of Putin’s hostile actions abroad," reads the statement by Representatives Eliot L. Engel, Chair of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and Michel McCaul, the Committee’s Ranking Member.

By Ana Dumbadze 

Image: Adobestock

08 August 2020 14:10