GD on August War: We Believe We'll Definitely be Able to De-occupy our Country

The ruling party Georgian Dream has released a statement on the 12th anniversary of the August 2008 war, saying the authorities firmly believe that they will be able to de-occupy the country. 

"The August War is one of the gravest and most tragic events in the recent history of Georgia. This war claimed the lives of hundreds of our innocent compatriots. Georgia lost control over even more territory and 20% of our country is occupied to this day. We are still seeing the consequences of the tragedy of war, including in terms of borderization, illegal kidnappings, and the humanitarian situation in the occupied territories.

"The Georgian authorities, the Georgian people, and the international community will never tolerate occupation. We are trying to improve the current situation in every possible way. The authorities have minimized the threats posed by Russia by carrying out a rational, peace-oriented policy; the policy of non-recognition is being successfully pursued, and the international community strongly supports Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

"Georgia is in a complicated geopolitical region and we need to be especially careful to ensure that irresponsible and criminal actions do not create additional security risks for our country, for which every citizen of Georgia bears a great deal of responsibility.

"The Georgian authorities are doing everything possible – and will continue to do so – to take care of the families of fallen heroes and the conditions of internally displaced persons from the occupied territories.

"We firmly believe that we will definitely be able to de-occupy our country, and that a united Georgia will take its dignified place in the European family," reads the statement. 

By Ana Dumbadze 

08 August 2020 12:57