Gov't to Assist Former Employees of Frontera with GEL 1200

The Georgian government has decided to provide former employees of the oil company 'Frontera' with a one-time assistance of 1,200 GEL.

The Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Natia Turnava stated that the government is in positive communication with 'Frontera' and calls on the company to pay the salaries to the former employees.

"84 former employees of Frontera were fired by the company in December last year. The company owes them about 17 months' salary, which remains a big problem. 

"These people are in a difficult situation and we have decided to provide each person with a one-time assistance to the amount of 1,200 GEL," Turnava said.

On August 4, employees of the oil company 'Frontera' held another rally in Dedoplistskaro, demanding immediate repayment of the existing debt: up to 1 million GEL. 

Employees of the company appealed to the court after they were fired by management without explanation.

"We are not paid our salaries, and the court dispute through which we are demanding the repayment of the debt has been delayed," they claim. 

By Ana Dumbadze 

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06 August 2020 15:45