Police Arrest Director, Doctor of Tbilisi Central Hospital for Professional Negligence

The officers of the Investigation Department of the Tbilisi Prosecutor's Office have arrested the director of the Tbilisi Central Hospital and the doctor of the same clinic on the fact of professional negligence, fraud using an official position and illegal medical activities, while another was charged in absentia in connection with the fact of illegal medical activity.

The investigation established that in the summer of 2018, citizen N.C. applied to the clinic 'Tbilisi Central Hospital' to receive relevant medical services, where the patient was told that the results of the examination were sent to Italy and surgery was to be performed, which would also be done by doctors invited from Italy.

However, the surgery was performed by local doctors who did not hold the relevant licenses or qualifications. 

The investigation also established that N.C.'s complaints resumed after the operation, which is why the patient was referred to the mentioned hospital again, where another surgery was performed by the same doctors instead of Italian specialists. Due to the negligence and mistakes made by the doctors, the patient's condition became complicated and she is currently in a comatose state.

The Prosecutor's Office of Georgia is appealing to the Tbilisi City Court to use detention as a measure of restraint against all three accused.

Nutsa Burduladze, a lawyer of the Tbilisi Central Hospital, says that the Defense does not agree with the charges against the director of the clinic and two doctors. Burduladze told reporters the information was interpreted by the investigation agency and it untrue.

"Unfortunately, the interpretation was very wrong and the information was mispronounced. Leading specialists in the field have been brought from Italy to Tbilisi Central Hospital and they have performed a number of surgeries. In this particular case, they also participated in the operation and it was known to the patient and her legal representatives. We do not agree with the charges and hope that the court will make a legal decision in time. Please adhere to the presumption of innocence and wait for the court decision," she said.

By Ana Dumbadze

Image: Tbilisi Prosecutor's Office

04 August 2020 16:46