BBC Investigation Finds Iran's Cover-up of COVID Deaths

Iran has actually registered triple deaths of COVID than its government claims, according to the data that an unknown source sent to BBC.

The government's own records appear to show almost 42,000 people died with Covid-19 symptoms up to 20 July, versus 14,405 reported by its health ministry.

Up to July 20, Iran’s health ministry had reported 14,405 fatalities from the virus, while the newly-revealed records of the government show that nearly 42,000 people had died of COVID until then.

The difference is significant in the number of people known to be infected as well: double official figures: 451,024 as opposed to 278,827.

Even with these official numbers, Iran was still the worst-hit in the Middle East.

 “The first death in Iran from Covid-19 was recorded on 22 January, according to lists and medical records that have been passed to the BBC. This was almost a month before the first official case of coronavirus was reported there.

The data was sent to the BBC by an anonymous source. The source says they have shared this data with the BBC to "shed light on truth" and to end "political games" over the epidemic,” writes the BBC.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

Source: BBC

03 August 2020 23:13