Police Detain Group of Drug Dealers Involved in Online Trafficking Scheme

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has uncovered a large-scale drug trafficking scheme, detaining 4 dealers and garnering up to 2 million GEL.

The investigation established that the defendants had developed a criminal scheme for selling drugs, through which they managed financial resources using internet totalizator accounts.

"Members of the criminal group sold drugs with a newly adopted method of the so-called 'placing'. In particular, individuals D.J. and F.B. offered their clients to purchase drugs through telephone communication for a certain amount of cash. Mentioned persons provided clients with respective account numbers of internet totalizator and provided them with drug locations after the money transaction," Mamuka Chelidze, the Head of the Criminal Police Department, announced at a special briefing today. 

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia reports that throughout 2020, sum garnered as a result of the drug dealing through the mentioned accounts amounted to 2 million GEL.

During the search of the detainees' houses and cars, the police seized the heroin, a large amount of money, their mobile phones and bank cards as evidence.

The investigation is in progress on the fact of illegal purchase, keeping and selling of drugs in especially large quantities committed in a group.

The committed crime envisages from 8 to 20 years of imprisonment.

By Ana Dumbadze 

03 August 2020 16:36