Racha Flooding: Access to 7 Villages Restored, 5 Remain without Roadway

The roads to seven villages have been restored while five villages remain without access in Georgia's western Racha region following the heavy rain and flooding which hit the area in the last week, the Roads Department of Georgia reports. 

The reconstruction works in the region are ongoing. 

The corresponding works to return the river to its river-bed are underway in Oni Municipality, where temporary bridges are being arranged in order to open the way to traffic.

The Roads Department also notes that electricity has been restored to 11 villages.

The helicopters of the Interior Ministry remain involved in the process to ensure the mobility of people who wish to leave the cut-off villages and deliver necessary products to the local population. 

Heavy rain hit the Oni Municipality on Tuesday, leaving 10 bridges washed away and about 2,000 residents in the villages without road connection.

By Ana Dumbadze 

Image: Roads Department of Georgia

03 August 2020 11:40