Former PM's Son Arrested for Allegedly Stabbing Grandson of Georgian Businessman

Police have arrested the son of former Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania, Busa Zhvania, for allegedly stabbing the grandson of entrepreneur Gogi Topadze, Levan Topadze, following a verbal confrontation in Tbilisi.

Busa Zhvania was arrested on Saturday in the home of the family of Levan Topadze, where the incident took place. 

The police report says that the detainee allegedly stabbed the grandson of the Georgian businessman several times, while Zhvania himself was also lightly wounded. 

Levan Topadze has been hospitalized in Khechinashvili University Clinic and operated on. Gogi Topadze told reporters that his grandson is in a critical condition.

"He is in a serious condition. Three friends of my grandson were having a party in a restaurant. They came home quite late. It was Saturday,” he recalls. 

The reason behind the confrontation is unknown at this point. An investigation is underway into the fact of the deliberate infliction of a severe injury, a crime envisaged under Article 117, part I of the Criminal Code of Georgia, a crime which envisages from 3 to 6 years of imprisonment.

By Ana Dumbadze 

03 August 2020 10:33