Up to 180 Hotels Pass Inspection in Adjara

In Adjara, the process of introducing standards developed for virus prevention in hotels continues.

At this stage, about 180 hotels in the region have been monitored for safety regulations. The above applies to luxury, low-budget and small family hotels.

The list of accommodation facilities that tourists can visit in Adjara at this stage is posted on the portal of the Department of Tourism of Adjara Gobatumi.com.

The existing list is being updated daily and newly inspected hotels are being added to it.

Major tourist attractions have also been launched in the region. After a 3-month pause, the Batumi ropeway has resumed its operations, offering discounts to domestic tourists as part of a special promotion.

The Batumi Dolphinarium continues to operate, where dolphin shows are held every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday at 16:00.

Visitors of the region have the opportunity to travel to national parks, botanical gardens and other tourist attractions in Adjara.

Water activities are also allowed for lovers of relaxation and adrenaline.

14 July 2020 19:05