Int'l Experts Praise Georgian Gov't's Steps to Recover Business Environment

International experts claim that the Georgian government's steps toward maintaining business sector liquidity and mitigating this problem have been adequate and important to the private sector.

Georgia's Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Natia Turnava and the Prime Minister's Economic Advisor Beka Liluashvili, together with local experts and representatives of think-tanks, hosted a group of international economists today.

Based on their assessment, the concrete steps taken by the government to improve the country's business and investment environments, and to increase investment attractiveness, have been correct and far-reaching.

The conversation emphasized the importance of focus on the business environment and the implementation of significant supportive measures in order to step up and further develop the country's business environment.

The meeting underlined that the ongoing global developments have put in place new opportunities for mobilizing FDIs in Georgia, and tapping into this opportunity is of vital importance, which is why the Government of Georgia spares no effort to attract more foreign investment in the country and, this way, create new jobs.

The Government of Georgia, with USAID support, continues cooperation with international experts on the development plans for the medium- and long-term stabilization of the country's economy, with several working groups holding continuous meetings. Local analysts and representatives of think-tanks are actively involved in the working process.

14 July 2020 13:49