French Amb. Praises Georgia's Steps to Democracy, Success in Combating COVID

French Ambassador to Georgia Diego Colas praised Georgia's great strides toward democracy and the country's success in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We’ve seen that Georgia made great strides toward democracy, and within that democracy, it has achieved great success in fighting the pandemic,” he told the First Channel of Georgian Public Broadcaster, adding that the relations between Georgia and France are especially close.

“We have started a bilateral strategic dialogue named after Dimitri Amilakhvari, who was a hero of the French Legion, and we have translated these relations into many concrete results. We established a Georgian-French university, small cultural programs, and during this pandemic, a media library, a French school, continued to operate. We have a lot of projects in the field of culture, we hope to continue the relationship with the universities, the Sorbonne. We also need to constantly remind the international community of the importance of Georgia’s territorial integrity. France has compiled a list of 13 countries for which the country’s borders have been opened, and Georgia is in this list, and this once again confirms the great friendship and ties that have developed between the two countries,” the Ambassador said.

Source: Georgian Public Broadcaster 


14 July 2020 13:04