PM: Some Wannabe Politicians Trying to Engage our Int'l Partners in Domestic Clashes

At this point, it is just a bill passing through various committees. Of course, there is nothing good about it, but we all understand that the points listed therein show that Georgia is progressing on a daily basis. And our colleagues are well aware of that, Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia told the press in response to a question about the US House Committee on Appropriations passing the bill discussing the terms of financial assistance to Georgia.

The Head of Government noted that similar interpretations were proposed in relation to the constitutional amendments. After their adoption, however, international partners’ assessments were excellent.

“As you know, there have been many cases like this. I remember the exact same type of interpretation in relation to the constitutional amendments and the electoral system. But we all remember that, after the amendments were adopted, our international partners’ assessments were excellent. They clearly saw that the progress of Georgian democracy. Of course, we have elections ahead, and we must make sure that these elections are democratic, open, and competitive, and we will do it,” Giorgi Gakharia stated.

The Prime Minister emphasized that political tensions will rise just a few months ahead of the elections, and some have attempted to engage international partners in domestic political clashes, which is detrimental to the country.

“We appreciate and listen to what they have to say, much the way it was in relation to the electoral system. It is a process. But, sadly, this process, because of some of our wannabe politicians, involves attempts to engage our international partners in domestic political clashes, which is ultimately detrimental to the country, not to one political force or another. That is why we all must calm down. We all must understand that exemplary elections are our common goal, something we must ensure together, regardless of us being the opposition or the ruling party. We must join forces to hold exemplary democratic elections, and that is the most important goal,” the Head of Government underlined.

He added that the Georgian Dream takes in signals reflected in the assessments of the development of Georgian democracy voiced in the course of recent years on various international platforms.

“Many successful reforms are emphasized, including in the bill proposed in the United States. And we must double our communication and attention to the developments in the domestic political context. In a word, it is an attempt in the campaign season to engage our international partners in the domestic political context, which we understand. But the main goal today is not to complain vociferously about a legislative initiative. No, we must listen to it, and them continue our democratization process, just the way we have been doing so far. I can assure you that nothing threatens Georgia’s democratization or fight against corruption, or any other direction critically important to our country, such as Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration, which is in nowise under threat. And that is the most important thing today,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

10 July 2020 18:39