Beeline’s New SMS Portal Enables Companies to Manage & Plan Mass SMS Campaigns

Beeline, a member of the international group Veon, is offering a brand new, unique opportunity to companies: a newly created SMS portal which processes Big Data, enabling users to identify their focus group and send SMS with relevant information. The portal was created by the Beeline team to first process the information, and then to use it to reach campaign goals.

The newly-created portal allows a company to send out group text messages under the brand name of its choice to the number of consumers and locations of its choice; check the status of the sent SMS, plan campaigns, and view the results of campaigns that have already run. While planning a campaign, a company has the option to use several filters at once: company’s customer base, any region of Georgia (they might also choose several regions simultaneously) any neighborhood of Tbilisi (they can also go for several neighborhoods at the same time); filtering based on the type of smartphone across the Beeline base; and the number of texts to send out. For privacy protection purposes, a company cannot identify the users, and the processed Big Data is completely depersonalized.

The portal also gives companies the option to pause their ongoing campaign, and, if necessary, to make changes before continuing with the campaign. The portal generates an invoice according to the filtration and the quantity of SMS’. Several employees of a company can use the system at the same time, and can even send out the campaign texts under the names of different brands simultaneously.

09 July 2020 18:39