Tbilisi Hills Golf & Residences: Meticulously Designed to Serve Every Imaginable Need

Where and how we live impacts all other functions of daily life. Tbilisi Hills Golf & Residences has been designed not only to provide high-quality accommodation, but also to create a shared living space where the meticulously designed atmosphere is there to serve every imaginable need. From the day of its opening, Tbilisi Hills has been setting the bar very high with its prestigious project, on that is unmatched in the residential real estate market in Georgia.

To learn more about this standout project, GEORGIA TODAY spoke with Anastasia Udalova, CEO of Tbilisi Hills.

Where did the idea to create Tbilisi Hills come from?

Our shareholder Oleg Ossinovski has been investing in Georgia for more than ten years now. He adores the country. For the last six years, he has been the largest investor from Europe to Georgia. When he came to Tbilisi and saw the Shavnabada Monastery, he instantly fell in love with the view of the city from the hill. As part of his numerous contributions to Georgia, he decided to build this beautiful project here.

Tbilisi Hills is a veritable haven for golf-lovers. Tell us more about it.

Tbilisi Hills is the first golf residential area in Georgia. It offers a world class 18-hole golf course, and is the first professional golf course in the country, developed by renowned Tilander Golf Design (Finland) and stretching over 110 hectares. All golfers know that every field is unique, and Tbilisi Hills offers mesmerizing landscapes, well-suited for the professional game.

Compared to similar projects, what special conveniences does Tbilisi Hills offer?

We offer our clients an opportunity to become members of a new, secured community. We have the set of recommendations for the buildings, as we are trying to implement European quality and vision when it comes to the way of life. The residential area is located only 15 minutes from the city center but is nevertheless very tranquil and eco-friendly, offering a new way of life for Georgians.

Are there any other unique features or values that distinguish Tbilisi Hills from similar residences?

We’re building a small town near Tbilisi. The complex is spread across 331 hectares and boasts not merely a residential area but other vital spaces, among them a five-star hotel, a spa, lounges, restaurants, club house, school, kindergarten, Infinity swimming pool (the first in Georgia), a bakery, supermarket, football field, tennis court and running tracks. All infrastructure is adapted for the safety of children. From an architectural point of view, we have certain references that each of our clients need to follow: we intend to have a common architectural style to all our buildings, so that we don’t have problems with the visual part of our project. We still allow our clients to build their dream house, albeit with certain restrictions that aim to safeguard the integrity of the overall architectural design.

The concept behind Tbilisi Hills is largely based on eco-friendliness. Tell us more about it.

With rising environmental issues, a green environment and fresh air is becoming everyone’s priority. This is something Tbilisi Hills can guarantee. Infrastructural buildings take up only 40% of the territories of the complex. The remaining 60% is a natural, green space. In the process of construction, we’re using eco-friendly materials only, most from Europe. We always uphold the highest European standards and quality control. We intend to use energy-saving materials like solar panels, different kinds of water heating systems which will take heating from the land so that we’ll be able to use less electricity. Tbilisi Hills also is an eco-sustainable architectural project.

09 July 2020 18:38