Enterprise Georgia Shortlisted for World Trade Promotion Organization Awards 2020

The International Trade Center (ITC) has selected 18 national trade promotion organizations for the 2020 World Trade Promotion Organization (WTPO) Awards, including Enterprise Georgia. 

The shortlisted organizations are competing in three categories:

  •  Best use of a partnership - Colombia, Egypt, Sweden, the United Republic of Tanzania, the Netherlands, Viet Nam, Zimbabwe;
  •  Best use of information technology - Brazil, China, Georgia, Malaysia, Portugal, United Arab Emirates;
  •  Best initiative for inclusive and sustainable trade - Austria, Costa Rica, Lithuania, Saint Lucia, Spain.

The winners will be announced at the 13th WTPO Conference in Accra, Ghana, on 14 October.

The WTPO Awards 2020 received 60 applications, the highest number since the awards were created in 2004. A jury of peers selected the shortlist. The jury is comprised of the 2018 award winners and is chaired by ITC Executive Director a.i. Dorothy Tembo.

The competition, open to all national trade promotion organizations, recognizes excellence in trade support services. They celebrate organizations that excel in innovative, effective export development initiatives. The organizations must show that they help micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to become competitive in international markets.

Entrants were asked to demonstrate innovation and boldness for each of the three categories. The first category demonstrates strong service delivery through key partnerships; the second focuses on efficiency through new technologies; and the third showcases solutions that contribute to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Commenting on this year's shortlist, Ms. Tembo said: "National trade promotion organizations play a crucial role in supporting business innovation, trade-led growth and the internationalization of MSMEs. To be able to deliver services at a time of multiple external shocks these organizations must be proactive, and forge their place at the front line".

"The entries demonstrate how these organizations are responding, while also shaping their initiatives to contribute to inclusive and sustainable economic growth," she added. 'Today's nominees showed  vision and commitment to  excellence in service delivery.'

The TPO Network World Conference is a biennial event, first held in 1996 in Cartagena, Colombia. The 13th conference, themed 'Bold solutions for resilience and recovery' will bring together more than 200 TPO representatives, policymakers and business leaders from over 70 economies.

About Enterprise Georgia 

In June 2014 the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, together with the Ministry of Agriculture, launched a new government program 'Produce in Georgia.'

The program’s objective is to promote an entrepreneurial culture throughout the country by stimulating the establishment new enterprise and supporting the expansion of existing operations. 

Enterprise Georgia is the key implementing partner of 'Produce in Georgia' and is responsible for business support, export promotion and investment in Georgia sectors.  

The Business Division of the agency promotes entrepreneurial activity in Georgia by supporting entrepreneurs - assisting with the creation of new enterprises as well as the expansion and refurbishment of existing enterprises.

The Export Division promotes the export potential of the country by increasing the competitiveness of local products and the overall volume of goods directed towards international markets.

The Invest Division’s primary role is to attract, promote and develop direct foreign investment in Georgia.

As the moderator between foreign investors and the Government of Georgia, the Invest Division ensures access to updated information, provides an efficient means of communication with government bodies, and serves as a “one-stop-shop,” supporting investors throughout the investment process.

By Ana Dumbadze 

Source: intracen.org

09 July 2020 11:15