Re|Bank Offers Customers a Renewed Top|Card

Last year, Re|Bank offered customers a completely innovative banking product, an installment shopping card called Top|Card. Top|Card is an interest-free installment card, meaning that if a card-holder follows the terms and conditions set by Re|Bank’s partners, the cost of their purchases will be spread equally, interest-free, over a period of months determined by the partner store.

The installment limit of the card is anywhere between 250 and 5,000 GEL. The pre-approved limit can be used indefinitely; a cardholder does not need to have a new installment approved for each new purchase.

Until now, it was possible to use a Top|Card only at Re|Bank’s partner stores. However, Re|Bank customers can now use their cards to shop anywhere, including at local and international online retailers, with up to 45 days of interest-free installments. In addition, customers now have the opportunity to max out their Top|Card limit up to 45-day interest-free period.

“Top|Card is the only free instalment card in Georgia that can be used as a credit card at the same time. In addition to this, current and new cardholders are welcome to enjoy various Re|Bank offers,” said Anano Korkia, Head of Public Relations and Marketing at Re|Bank.

The rebank grace period extends until July 1 2020, at which time cardholders will be obliged to start commission-free repayments on their Top|Card purchases over a 6-month period.

Top|Card comes without issuing and service fees; it was created for those who love to shop. With a Top|Card, customers can space out their payments, leaving them more money each month for other purposes.

Detailed information on Re|Bank’s products is available on their website and through their call centers: | +995 32 222 25 25 | *2525

25 June 2020 19:00