Tbilisi Tops Emerging Europe Rating with Economic Potential

Emerging Europe published the annual rating of 2020, with Georgia's capital Tbilisi on the leading position in Europe in terms of economic potential in the region.

“We are truly delighted that Tbilisi has been recognized as an up and coming destination, highlighting the city’s thriving opportunities. This award will significantly benefit our international positioning and attract more investment. I welcome all interested parties to discover business possibilities and I assure you that you’ll be convinced in the undisputable advantage of Tbilisi as your future business destination,” reads the article by Craig Turp-Balazsthe editor of Emerging Europe.

"Georgia has long been recognized as one of the easiest places in the world in which to do business, regularly topping the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business rankings for emerging Europe. In 2019 the country placed seventh overall, commended in particular for the streamlined and easy way that new businesses can be registered,” reads the publication

Budapest has been named as the most business-friendly city in emerging Europe as part of the 2020 Emerging Europe Awards.

Emerging Europe invited 70 global location experts and foreign direct investment advisers to weigh up the various merits of the 75 cities in the emerging Europe region which are either national capitals or have a population of more than 200,000 inhabitants. This year, 51 of those experts – many of whom are members of the Site Selectors Guild – cast votes, more than double last year’s number of 25.

The Hungarian capital, which won by a wide margin, topped two of the eight categories (Brand, and Local Authority Support). The other categories were won by Tbilisi (Economic Potential), Łódź (Business Climate), Bucharest (Pool of Talent), Sofia and Tallinn (Smart City Development), Warsaw (Infrastructure and Connectivity), and Prague (Quality of Life).

Author: Craig Turp-Balazs

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19 June 2020 11:17