Fire Breaks Out at the Varketili Market in Tbilisi

A fire has broken out at the territory of the Varketili Market in Tbilisi. 

The blaze is burning booths and traders are trying to save their products from the fire.

The Emergency Management Service reports that 15 fire-fighting and rescue brigades are working on the scene.

Additional forces will also be involved in the process.

"Firefighting works are underway at this moment. Fire rescue brigades have been mobilized and patrol police crews have secured the perimeter. Based on the information we currently have, no injuries/fatalities have been reported. The fire is being localized," said Vazha Siradze, the Head of the Patrol Police. 

The fire broke out this evening and spread onto quite a large area. The reason for the fire is unknown. Full financial damages have not yet been estimated.

By Ana Dumbadze 

16 June 2020 00:15