Armenian PM & Family Recover from COVID-19

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said he and his family beat the coronavirus as their latest results have come back negative.

"We recently received repeat test results for our family members. The results of all the tests are negative. They were negative yesterday as well. Of course, the timing and circumstances of our infection need to be reconsidered. However, the important thing now is that we are all healthy," he wrote on Facebook.

Pashinyan just fired the heads of the National Security and Police of Armenia and the Chief of the General Headquarters of the Army.

The chief Army officer was fired for organizing the marriage party of his son in violation of the restrictions of the Emergency Situation in Armenia.

Earlier, Pashinyan announced that he had a tense conversation with the heads of police and the National Security Service, blaming them for not presenting the absolute reality in terms of the violations of the State of Emergency regime. 

Armenian PM confirmed he and his family members were infected with the new coronavirus on June 1. 

By Karen Tovmasyan 

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09 June 2020 16:51