Tbilisi and Batumi among the 20 Safest Destinations to Visit in Europe

The popular travel platform European Best Destinations has named the Georgian cities of Tbilisi and Batumi among the safest tourist destinations in Europe.

The popular portal in the article emphasizes Georgia's achievements in terms of the fight against COVID-19 and names Tbilisi and Batumi among the top ten safest countries.

Tbilisi ranks first in the 20 Safest Destinations to visit in Europe by European Best Destinations

“Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, a country that has been one of the least affected in the world by the coronavirus. The country reacted very quickly with measures that kept the epidemic at an extremely low level. There are up to 260 times fewer cases of COVID-19 in Georgia than in the most affected European countries.

"If the country is reopening its borders on July 1st to travelers, it is also implementing a series of health measures to protect not only travelers but also its citizens for a safe and relaxing holiday.

"This health crisis has made us rethink our way to travel. More than ever we want to live new experiences. Tbilisi is exactly what we need now: an open-minded destination, which mixes better than any other past, present and future, culture and leisure. The Capital of Georgia is more trendy than ever in 2020; it is the ideal destination for culture, gastronomy, diversity and architecture lovers. The “wow” effect is guaranteed.

"The Georgian capital is stunning in spring and summer when nature wakes up and in winter with its thousands of light bulbs and Christmas decorations and market” reads the information published by the organization.

Georgia's charming seaside city of Batumi ranks seventh in the list. 

"Batumi is an extraordinary destination that will leave you with memories for a lifetime. It’s impossible to get bored in Batumi which combines beach, relaxation, wellness, sustainable tourism, nature, trekking, leisure, shopping, culture, gastronomy, wine tourism and unique attractions for children and grown-ups.

"This destination is not only one of the safest in Europe for Coronavirus but also one of the safest with a crime rate up to 5 times lower than most European capitals. Do you have/want to postpone your holiday for a few weeks because of Coronavirus? No problem, Batumi is also perfect in autumn: temperatures in September and October are very pleasant.

"Batumi is a splendid mix of beautiful scenery, vibrant culture and legendary hospitality. It is the main city of Adjara and the second-largest city of Georgia. This beautiful city invites you to experience the contrast of historic ancient sites and modern lifestyle. 

"Adjara region has a breathtaking full of diversity: the sea and high mountains, sightseeing of cultural monuments, monasteries, arch bridges, beautiful lakes and authentic villages. Here, you will taste different flavours of wine and undiscovered cuisine, feel the power of ecotourism, become a family member of open-hearted hosts. Their mountains, that stand close to the sky will make you feel in harmony with nature. Check-in at the "Pearl of the Black Sea", the easternmost point of Europe. 

"Taste the local wines, enjoy a spa treatment, visit cultural monuments or simply go shopping and relax on the beautiful long beach where social distancing is possible. If you want a final argument in its favor, Batumi has more than 30 hospitals including university hospitals which have never been overcrowded since the start of this health crisis and can welcome foreign travelers if necessary," reads the information. 

By Ana Dumbadze 

Source: europeanbestdestinations.com

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Image: European Best Destinations 

31 May 2020 12:45