Premium Class Residential Complex from AUTOGRAPH

Creating a home adapted to all the needs and wishes of the customer is a challenge for every developer. Real Estate Developer company ‘Construction Investments’ has taken this challenge to a new level, making it the force that moves the company forward, by creating project Autograph. ‘Autograph’ is a premium class apartment complex, offering customers all the conditions for a calm and comfortable life.

Construction Investments has been on the market since 2015. It is a holding uniting successful companies like Ardi insurance company, one of the leaders in the field locally, Media-holding Commersant, and multiprofile hospital Pineo. Each company under Construction Investments names high-quality service and happy customers as their greatest priority.

‘Autograph’ is a product maximally adapted to the demands of the customer. The first project of the brand is a premium class apartment complex in an old, calm and eco-friendly neighborhood of Tbilisi, in Vera, on 46 Petriashvili Street. An additional advantage to the complex is the unique view it offers to its habitants: panoramic views of a city that counts thousands of years.

The complex is now finished. Since the beginning of the construction, it was insured by Ardi group to guarantee the works were risk-free throughout the process. Autograph partnered with TBC Bank to make the buying process a whole lot easier for customers.

The energy-efficient construction and decor materials from leading brands in the field, like Rinnai, Kone, TECHNONIKOL, Draka, and SESTA, along with the individualized design of the apartments, the green, roofed garden, parking lots with e-chargers, a high-quality fire-fighting system, 24-hour security, individualized signalling system – all these are elements ensuring the comfort of the residents at ‘Autograph.’

Keeping in mind resident demands, the complex offers a smart home framework, which means smart house functions and works finished to the last cosmetic detail of the apartment.

In addition to the comfort and calm of the clients, each owner will be given a 1-year policy of renovation insurance.

Another way that ‘Autograph’ guarantees customer comfort is the concierge service. A concierge will be at the service of the residents at any time the occasion calls for it, from parking a car or calling a taxi, to reserving tickets or technical support in the apartment.

The 100 square meter lobby on the first floor promises customers a calm environment for their work purposes, with important details like constant internet connection, working tablets, and tasty coffee.

All the apartment owners at the ‘Autograph’ apartment complex in Vera will be given Membercards which will enable them to purchase ubiquitous home accessories in the partner companies of the complex, 15-30% off their original price. At present, this includes up to 50 companies, among them Forum, New Light, My House Laboratory, and Italian brand Palazzani.

Autograph also provides custom-oriented planning of the apartments: customized planning and design creating that truly special “Autograph.”

28 May 2020 21:02